Light switches

DW and I have a 2007 Trailrunner 2700 BHS. With this in mind, we have a 9 year old son and a 7 year old neice that go with us. Heartland made bunks but then in the bathroom, they have light switches that are attached to the lights that are on the ceiling. A little foolish if you ask me. I wired in a switch and it took me about a half hour only because I was making sure it looked like it came from the factory that way. The other thing is when you put together the dinettes or other stress items, is it possible to make them a little stronger. I wood glued and then placed brackets on our dinette because on our 3rd outing, the dinette fell apart.
I do want you to know that DW and I truly do love our Trail runner and would buy another one in a minute. We are very pleased with the quality.