Lock Cylinder Questions for Slam Latches on Storage compartments


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So I want to rekey the entire camper and I am trying to find out if anyone has replaced the cylinders in the slam latches? I do not want to use electronic locks and just want to change out all of the cylinders. Has anyone done this and have some tips? Camper is going to our new full time site which we will be in only 50% of the time for the first 6 months and I don't want her sitting with standard key locks.
I replaced all my keyed locks with the trimark key one system products

i did look into rekeying all the locks to the same key but they are all different and got confusing.

The trimark ark products fit with a little work. I had to use a dremel to grind the opening a bit and I needed to make some spacers for the slam latches because the door thickness was a little thin

they where expensive. But worth the effort I think. I have two keys now. I had the doors keyed so only the master key opens all locks and a special red key will open only the slam entry door locks. I can hand out red keys to anyone who wants to get into the door latch but that key won’t fit the dead bolt or any other lock.

It it was worth it to me but it took some time to grind the openings to fit and make some spacers for the basement doors



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RVLocksandmore sells slamlocks that are keyed to your front door. The slamlocks are about $15 each. If you have any camlocks, they can also key them to the front door. I did this and one key runs everything.


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That is what I am going to end up doing but the slam latches are actually about 40.00 a piece. So I am looking at a 300.00 bill to do all of the locks on the rv.