Looking for a Greystone 27RK


My husband and I are very interested in the Greystone 27RK but have only been able to see the floor plan and not the actual 5th wheel. We live in northern California and are unable to find a dealer that has this particular floor plan. Any ideas of where there may be one to see in California?


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Hi Grams,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. There's lots of useful information here along with a bunch of friendly people who are quick to reach out with help when you need it.

Someone on the forum may happen to know, but you might want to call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032. They may be able to point you at a dealer with inventory.

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Hi Grams,
We purchased our 2011 Greystone 29MK from DeMartini RV in Grass Valley. No complaints from the dealership and the small repair items were repaired on time. Make sure that the hot water heater is not by-passed (winterized). Some fellow Heartlanders helped me figure that one out. We will save that story for another time. Good luck RV shopping.


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I had the same problem. I looked top to bottom in CA and out side of CA. No one had one and didn't plan on getting one. I was told the floor plan was to small and didn't sell. So I ordered one from All Valley RV Center in Acton. CA. We only have had it two months but just love it. You can come to Bakersfield, CA and see the one we have.
The first Graystone we looked at was in Gilroy CA at See Grins RV. The sales man was nice and was told they were going to get one in stock. It was two to three weeks out. I told them to call me. NO call or NO return of emails. As you can see we went to someone else.
Hi grams, I'm new to the forum and also was looking for a 27RK. One showed up on rvtrader.com this weekend in Idabel, OK, about three hours from me. It was 2012 and slightly used at robbinsrv. I need to put in a plug for Scott Robbins there - he has been great to work with. Very straightforward and honest. He did indicate that the all the gray caps have faded and needed warranty repair - my unit had recently been painted by an automotive body shop. After I put a contract on Robbins' unit, a local dealer responded to my request for a brochure and indicated that Heartland is discontinuing Greystone and will focus on Sundance in the mid-profile 5er category. So not only did I get a great deal on what looks to be a great RV, I'll own a unique model. This is my first traveling RV (we have a park model at a local lake and love it) so am looking forward to learning from the great Heartland owners. I wish you well in finding a unit.


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Hi PlanoTXBill,

Congratulations on your new-to-you Greystone and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. You'll find lots of great information here along with a bunch of friendly and helpful people.

As a fellow Texan, let me invite you to join in the fun at some of our Texas rallies - check them out on the EVENTS tab. Also, here's a link to the Owners Club Portal which explains the types of memberships and benefits.


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Welcome, Bill!

We are not too far from you, East of Dallas in Terrell.

Glad you found a unit you like and Found the forum! You'll find a wealth of knowledge, and great folks that truly want to help.

If you need anything, ask away!

And as Dan said, consider joining the Hearltand Owners Club and coming to the rallies. They're great!

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