Membership number and decal


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A lot of people prefer to put one on the back of the RV so others walking by your camper can clearly see you are a club member, and therefore a fun, generous friendly guy :)

Some also put one on the back window of their truck. Or make a sign with it and put it in the ground at the RV site.


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Since I got 2 stickers I put one on the rear window of the RV behind the ladder and the other one on the rear truck window behind the drivers side. I put the one on the rear window of the RV behind the ladder since most people IMO will look for plaques on the ladder, and they will then see the decal. That said you can place it anywhere you would like.


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We have the plaque, and I haven't mounted it as I like to put in different places depending on the campsite we are in.

As for the stickers, one on the truck and one on the back window of the Prowler!

ProwlerHOCplaque-IMG_5527.jpg ProwlerHOCsticker-P1010984.jpg TruckHOCsticker-P1010993.jpg


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Where do I put my harthland decal and number on my camper???
This is what we did.

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I don't have a ladder, but I want in a sign and not stick to my rv
Hi Emmitt36535,

I'm not sure from your response whether the prior information was clear.

To reduce cost of joining the club, the plaque/frame was removed and only stickers are shipped. That's why many people have the frame, but you didn't get one.

If you prefer mounting with the frame, you can purchase one.

Plaques / Frames
Chuck McCubbins
phone: 866-427-5257


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Hmm, thanks Gus. Link shows on my Android tablet but not my Android phone.
I've added the link to my other post.
And here. LINK

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Well Dave on your first post link appeared and worked, on your most recent post no such thing.
I'm having similar issues with who's on line and events and all that stuff on the right side. It worked once and then never again. It played **** when I was trying to show a new member how to find events. We mucked around and finally dug them up in a couple of other places.
Just sayin.


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Dave I didn't add the link in the second post other than in my sig.
I'll add the link to the second post and again now.