Need to tighten MCD shade


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Have 2 shades that I need to tighten up the springs on. Manual shows what screws you use, but says nothing on how to remove the shade to do so. Do I need to remove the whole valance to get to the shade? How does the shade come off it's bracket?



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Here is a quick video on how to remove shade from clips.


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You can tighten it in place if you can get your finger in there on the end.
You might call MCD to get the proper instructions.

I will attempt to explain it but I could be backwards LOL

Pull the shade down, push the adjustment button on the right side in and twist/roll the shade up and release the button.

One side sets the tension and the other side sets where it stops.

Like I said call MCD and let the Pro's help you. :)

Hope this helps


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Ive cheated and pulled the pull bar ends off, and put the shade all the way up and then wrapped the pull bar over the shade a couple of times.