New 4270. Questions and Mods


Will be taking delivery of a new 4270 in two weeks, some questions and ideas for floorplan owners:

1. Main couch. Im thinking of purchasing a 90 right angle piece (same modular piece in the 4005) and putting it in the place of the first forward middle recliner module and removing the forward end piece. Then Ill keep that middle modular piece and the end modular piece aside and when we deploy the slide, Ill attach them and have a 90 degree sectional. The 4005 does this with the wnd piece of the sectional. There will be plenty of room behind the new 90 degree section for the stairs and the exit. The sectional will face the TV. Lore work for docking sure, but I believe for us it will be the best of bith worlds having a living room sectional layout and a porch. Thoughts?

2. Does the home reefer have an ice maker? If not thinking of purchasing a home stand alone one and puting it in the garage under the TV. Also looking at putting a Kegerator next to it and maybe building a little countertop nook for them to sit under. Does anyone know how to obtain the matching stain color for the woodwork?

3. Anyone do any mods or sealing to your ramp and side patio doors to assist with keeping them water tight?

4. Anyone change the bedroom shades to MCD Blackouts? Not sure why theyre not there to begin with

5. I have the power cord reel option which I cant wait to use. Is there room next to it or somewhere on the frame along the street side to mount sideways a powerwd water hose reel? Id run a line under the coach to the front panel permenantly and then deploy the fresh water hose from tje aft? Ideas?

6. Morryde X Factor braces between the spring hangers to eliminate the broken spring hanger issue on these frames from parking/pivoting and side loads.

7. Upgraded Wet Bolt Kit for suspension

Any other mid suggestions?

Oh and what is the size of the side patio? Is it 8x12?

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Just got ours a few weeks ago, I’ll try to answer your questions...

residential fridge does NOt have an ice maker

ours had MCD blackouts in the bedrooom


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If your wallet can afford it, may want to see if independent susp can be installed. Save your concern about breaking susp components.

Go with either Dexter or MorRyde wet bolts kit. FWIW, I installed our kit w/ the zerks on the inside of things, makes it easier to grease.


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For suspension wise. We had one shackle totally crack and a second one half cracked..
We had a mobile welder fix us up on the road. Once we got to Our destination.
We had a whole new suspension system installed.
New 8000lb axles, disc brakes, shocks and Roadmaster slipper springs.. without going back to the factory to have it installed.
Best upgrade so far, besides adding solar


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