New to Travel Trailers, need a Generator.


Hi everyone, my wife and I just bought our first Camper, the North Trail 29BHP. While we have a ton of questions, the biggest one is how to power the thing when power is not available? We will need the AC to run, as we have two dogs to keep cool, and my wife will be working her remote job while traveling and staying in different places. The trailer has the 50 Amp plug receptacle on the outside, so wondering which Generator we would need in order to power the AC, and be able to use other powered items at the same time. We also have to consider noise, so a really loud generator won't work either. Will we need special cords to hook it up? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I recently got rid of a Honda EU3000IS thinking that it could handle our needs but quite frankly it couldn't handle just one of the AC units with an additional small load not really sure of the wattage at this time. The other issue we ran into is that as we get older lifting heavy objects in and out of our F350 can be trying, not sure of your age , but definately something to consider . With that said we ended up having an Onan 5500 installed in our RV and have never looked back. My wife and I don't typically stay at CG's that have much in the way of hook ups so we invested in 4 6volt batteries along with a larger inverter. I'm not sure of your load requirements but do plenty of research regarding generators you must consider the DB range when shopping , stay away for the so called work generator , not pleasant for anyone near you.