No electric hot water suburban


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I have a Suburban 10 gallon and the electric side isn't working. It hasn't been working the last 2 trips, today I changed the anode and element the element tested at 10 ohms same as the new one so not the problem. The on off switch also tested good. I have no voltage across the element when turned on but I have 115 if I go from the element with one lead of the multi meter and I ground the other on the water heater. Any ideas of what I should check next?


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Hi Gsxr130,

If you read 120V from one either lead on the heating element to frame ground, power is getting to the element. If the element is not getting hot, either the element is bad (despite 10 ohms reading), or the wire going from the element to neutral is disconnected somewhere. To check the neutral, see page 9 of our Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide. Make sure power is off before checking.

There's probably a junction box on the front inside corner of the water heater. If there's a problem with the neutral line, that's a likely location.