North Trail 26LRSS vs Caliber 265RL



I was looking at the 2013/14 North Trail 26LRSS units and then came across a few 2011 Caliber 265RLs. I like the Calibers interior and the grey exterior better than some of the 265LRSS units I was looking at. Is there any major differences between the 2? Does the Caliber have the enclosed and heated underbelly? I'll be doing some cold weather camping (not too cold!), so this is an important feature for me. Any other tips would be appreciated.

Thanks - Tugboat


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The Calibre is now a package that adds more options like power/remote controlled awning and jacks, and more if you look at the North Trail online brochure.

Calibre was a separate product line and became an upgrade package for North Trails. The grey colour is still available as far as I know but they come in white as well.

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