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Got a new truck and my 5th (elkridge e289) is running 3-4” nose high. The b&w is at the 2nd lowest setting and gives me 6.5” of clearance to the truck bed rails. I did some googling and alot of forums say to flip the axles on the trailer. Is this advisable? Thought i would here as well before i make a move. Not knowing a whole lot about this topic i want to add that i had this dexter k71-653-00 complete suspension kit installed just before i bought the new truck as i had a couple bushings wear out


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Are your springs currently mounted on the top or bottom of your axles?



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If you go with flipping the axles make sure whoever does it knows what they are doing. You can't just turn the axles over and mount them on the bottom. Look at the axles, they are arched, not straight. The arch goes up and if you just flip the arch will be down. The spring pads have to be moved to the other side of the axle or new ones added.


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Ran my Big Horn nose high for six years and never had a problem. I had seven inches clearance. Because the front roof was angled down, it never changed the height clearance.