Our First Workamping Assignment


Well folks, our first work camping experience will be at the Whitefish KOA on US 93 between Whitefish and Kalispell Montana. We are very excited about it as it is a beautiful area about 25 miles from Glacier National Park.
If anyone is in the area this summer drop by and say hello. We are scheduled to start work on May 1st.
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Congratulations Don and Sheri. The DW and I hope to start second careers with KOA in a year or two. I hope it works out well for you. Montana is a beautiful place to be.


Congratulations on your job in Montana. We lived 100 miles (Plains) southwest of Whitefish for 10 years. DW grew up in Montana 100 miles east on the Highline. It is a beautiful area. We are planning to visit Montana this summer.


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Drop me in the middle of Montana. (Merle Haggard)

Don and Sherri, we will be in Big Timber around June 22nd. Daughter getting married in Broadview. Going to be a cowboy wedding, yee haw. Havent been to White Fish yet, maybe if we have time, may come and visit. We need to visit our property in Round Up. Good luck, sounds great, I love Montana. Bob,Pat, and the :eek:cat
Don & Sheri

Great first assignment. You are going to be spoiled. That area of Montana is spectacular. We live around 175 south of there on US 93 in Corvallis Montana. We like the Bitterroot Valley but it doesn't quite compare with the west Glacier area. Our winters are milder than Whitefish/Libby/Kalispell. I wound tell you how much snow they have up there right now, but it might scare you. But that's not a problem since you'll be there for the summer. We have RVed west Glacier and the Flathead Lake areas and are planning another summer trip.
You will have alot to see. Get your passports and see some of Canada. Whitefish is 60 miles from the Canadian border and 285 miles from Banff. US 93 north into Canada thru Cranbrook, Radium Hot Springs and into Banff. Another hour north is Lake Louise and the Ice Fields. It's all easy pulling.

Best of Luck


Thanks to all for your good wishes. We were there in 2004 for only three days while on a motorcycle tour across the US. The weather was not good while we were there and we always knew that we wanted to go back for a better shot at the weather and Glacier. We'll have lots of opportunities now. Really, really looking forward to this summer!


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Don and Sheri, there is an old Montana saying. If you dont like the weather now, just wait 10 minutes. Have a good time, beautiful country, wish I was there. Bob :D


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One of our sons lives in Columbia Falls. We were there this past September mooch camping in his driveway
We too like the Flathead valley but prefer to visit in May or September. Like any other NP destination, it’s freaking crowded in the summertime
Feel free to reach out for any of our favorite places. Always willing to share