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Simple modification; I added an LED rope light behind the door frame of my outside kitchen (M32). It is pretty much hidden from view (straight on view) and provides a soft light for quick access to whatever I need from the kitchen. Tons better than the dome light already in the kitchen.

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Great idea! Any pics?

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Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea. Camper is stored for the winter, but I will try to take a better one this spring and repost it.

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When we had our North Trail I did the same thing only I attached it to the middle of the door so that it shined straight down. Was helpful for grilling.


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I did a similar mod to the kitchen on our Pioneer except I used LED ribbon lights and wired them into the wall switch for the dome light. So much better and cooler :)

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Just adding to ideas...we are using a simple outdoor lightstring with palms/flamingos, a couple of stick-on hooks and a small extension cord to give the outdoor kitchen the "Caribbean vacation" feeling. :)

It stays permanently attached, just need to plug in after opening.


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