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My pleasure CJ and Kakampers. The ironic part of this deal is that I will probably never see or utilize the Shiloh campground, or if I do it will be in a long time as I live in SoCali and Louisiana is a fair distance and its not required to see to buy. Thats the greatness in this deal. It is advertized in the Highway magazine. Just talk to Angie, and see what's available. If someone doesn't pay their $99 yearly renewal fee, they are gone. The rule is that everyone campground site can have 10 owners. For about a $1,000 as shown in above post, you can get alot of private campgrounds to utilize incl some 1000 Trails. The secret is to renew Coast to Coast deluxe and RPI preferred and some of the small books like Happy Camper and Passport America. They are adding availability of many new campgrounds to choose from including most of Colorado River Adventures and Western Horizons, Naco, etc. Our friends went to a CRA in Lake Havasu where they tried to sell them a membership for several thousand dollars. Fortunately it was in one of their $10 a night memberships so they laughed about it and were happy to save lots of money. The renewal fees for all memberships shouldn't exceed $400 and 15 days of camping will cover those costs. Any questions please PM me and I will set u up with the right deal.
We are lifetime members of PA and use it mostly when traveling "thru", for one night. It paid for itself almost immediately.

We too belong to Western Horizons, Travel Resorts and have Coast to Coast, AOR and ROD reciprocals thru our two home park memberships. As fulltimers, especially when we are not working...these memberships have proved invaluable!!

I have a question to ask. My wife and I are new rvers and wonder about memberships. Why do you have 4 memberships and with your PA can you just show up at a campsite and get the reduced rate.
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We have a number of different discount and membership clubs memberships. The reason we have these as each plays a specific role. We find we use some more than others but they all play a part in our travels. When on the road we use our Camp Club USA and Passport America most, however there are times we will utilize our Escapee, KOA or Coast to Coast for overnight stays too. Here are some differences: - Good Sam Club. Camp Club USA and Passport America - offer 50 percent discounts
but they are usually only good for 1 to 3 days.
- KOA is good for a 10 % discount at KOA parks
- Escapee - 10-15% discount at some public parks and other benefits. See their site
- Coast to Coast, Western Horizon, ROD, RPI and Thousand Trails. These are
membership parks and only allow member to camp there. There are exceptions.

This is just a brief snapshot of these but as you can see they all will serve a purpose. Maybe having this many is overkill, but over the years we have dropped one or two and then reactivated. You will find the ones you use most often are more valuable to you and drop the ones you don't use. Happy Traveling.


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If you join the Heartland Presidents Club, a 1 yr free membership to Passport America is included. Check it out on the forum.


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As a new Owners' Club member I received a certificate for a free ($10 processing fee) Passport America membership. The online registration kept bouncing me out but the charming lady who answered the PA phone took care of everything. Thanks Heartland!


I joined a month ago, have not even gotten my regular membership cards yet and got a advertisement in the mail today wanting me to extend my membership for 2 more years at this special one time offer for members only.... I hope this is not another super mailer like Good Sam...


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I have been a member of Passport America for several years and they are a good organization.
PA is one of those things every RVer should have. We seldom use it, but when we do it's a real savings. We use RPI and C2C the most.


We have been members of Passport America for the last 4 years and have found great value in belonging to this club.... not to mention finding some of our absolute favourite campgrounds. Our yearly membership is always 'free' as we have always made back the yearly costs in savings. You have to be careful and read the restrictions and if you are flexible and can plan your trips accordingly, there is great value. I highly recommend this club.

Most all our trips planned are done so by searching their website and booking Passport America campgrounds.



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We are Lifetime Members of Passport and use it primarily when traveling for nightly stops. Even though a campground says there are restrictions I would call and see if they apply for that day. We have never been turned away in 15 years. We travel mostly Sep-May so it the "off" season.