Posts reversed?


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Tho a newbie on this forum, but have noticed something that seems kinda odd. Why are the posts newest first? Seems that the orig post should be 1st and newest last so one can more easily follow the thread to read rather than go last page 1st, scroll up and so on. Seems backwards.


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To get to where Oregon Camper shows, click on 'Settings' at the top right of the page.
Then look on the left side of the page for 'General Settings'.



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Re: Reverse posts

Some threads can get very long, with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of posts. With oldest first, it can become very inconvenient to page through the posts you've already seen to get to the newest ones.

You can customize your view the other way by clicking on SETTINGS at top of page. I believe order of display is under GENERAL SETTINGS on the left.


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Glad you got it changed to better suit your needs.

For others, it is under Settings - General, then half way down the page and it looks like this:
Google ChromeScreenSnapz217.jpg