Potential buyer Questions about fuel 352


I am currently looking at a fuel 352 and I have a few questions.
1 It has 6 point ELECTRIC levelers do they actually lift the unit to level like a hydraulic 6point?
Or more like a stabilizer? Can the unit be raised to change a tire?
2. How much insulation does the unit have? Heartland list insulation values on the Torque, Cyclone.
3 Are there any structural differences between the torque 345 jm and the fuel 352?
4 What type of toilet are in the unit? Porcelain or plastic?

Thank you for any info u can provide.

I am am sure I will think of a few more question.


1. It does have 6 point auto level and is not designed to lift the unit-nor is hydraulic leveling but it does act more similar to hydraulic leveling than just stabilizing the unit.
2. The unit will have the same insulation values as a Torque.
3. Units are the same structurally
4. Fuel will have a plastic toilet

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It's my understanding that the Fuel line is only sold by camping world. That would be an immediate 3 strikes and out. For me anyway.