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For over a year now, we've been talking about creating from scratch, a Practical Users Guide for our Heartland trailers. This is a daunting task and has yet to get off the ground.

Recently, there's been some discussion about collecting up all the user supplied solutions to issues that have arisen with one's trailer. Diesel Engineer (DE) has pushed me (in a good way) into creating some sort of online guide to these issues/solutions. I asked DE to create a quick sort of template for a few examples in it. He has done so and I like it.

Thinking about how we can "easily" harvest and consolidate all the issues/solutions out there, I played around with several options last night. How this is managed as a back office function if of little consequence to the forum users but how it is presented and used is certainly of significance to you.

As of this morning, I have a Microsoft Access database up and running here at Heartland Owners Forum Headquarters (my home :eek: ). That database includes a primary data table with a few examples provided by DE. I then created a report to display that data. Then I exported that report both as a series of web pages and as an Adobe Acrobat file.

It is important to note that while I have moved the Practical Users Guide forum and initial thread into this new forum, that for now, this new project does not replace the thought of creating and having a Practical Users Guide. I think we just need to see how far this easier project gets us and then we can go from there on potential further development of a Practical Users Guide, if there is still interest, if there are volunteers etc.

DE and I will collaborate over the next week or so, on a design for the user report and a method of data collection. Then we will ask for a couple of volunteers who are capable and self-motivated to go out on the forum in the sections they are assigned to harvest the issues and solutions and populate a template with them and send them into me for incorporation to the database.

I in the mean time will work with DE on editing issue/solutions submitted via templates, on building an index and on creation of the final display product.

We'll update our progress under this forum. If anyone wants to nominate themselves for the harvest team, please send DE a PM.

I'd say qualifications for a harvester are:
- Literate with Excel, Word and Acrobat
- Proficient in using forum search tool
- Has the time required (couple hours a night for a week maybe) to do the work
- Proficient at Copy/Paste functions
- Proficient with working with long and complex URLs in order to establish links in the template to the issues/solutions

Guidance in these areas will be provided for the harvesters but training in the use of the applications (MS-Office etc.) may not.


Posting problems with units.

Your forum has been a help with problems associated with my Bighorn 34RL. Someone reported having a frame problem, don't remember where on the unit but I also have a problem in the upper deck area resulting in a crack in the sidewall fiberglass that will have been repaired 3 times. Frame Manufacture is rewelding and installing 5 additional gussets so Im told. Also slide leaks while running in the rain, vent fan sticks and will not open, roller bracket broke loose under bedroom slide, etc. Thanks for info so far.


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I am pleased that you are finding the forum helpful. I can tell you that there is a free fix for the Fantastic Vent sticking problem. You need a new rubber gasket and some sealant. Call Fantastic and tell them the issue and they will send you out the free kit. You can do it yourself or take it to your dealer next time you are in.


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Does a new coach come with a layer of wax on it or is it important to wax a coach soon after delivery?

Sid Dreyfus
Does an owner's manual come with the North Trail? I just bought one, but did not get an actual manual from the dealer. I have manuals for the refrigerator, stove, etc, but not for the RV.
Big Country User's Manual

Callicks and Rebnga,

Did either of you get an answer to your "Where's the User's Manual?" questions? I just purchased a Big Country 5th Wheel and have the same problem. I got manuals for all the appliances, but no User's Manual. Sure would like to know what all is in there, how it all fits together, how to winterize, sanitize, etc.

Thank-you. A 7/8" it will be. Getting ready to go from Texas to Florida on Friday and during the underway checks I discovered that the F-350 lug wrench didn't work for the Augusta. Glad to know now instead of later. I didn't have anything in the tool box that fit so thought who better to ask than other owners. Again thank-you. Off to the store for the right tool. Mike