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Got Questions? We have Answers. See the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below. This FAQ list will continue to be updated as questions come up. If you have a question that does not appear below, please Post Reply in this thread with your question. I will answer it in the FAQs.



2009 North American Heartland Owners Rally - FAQs

Q1. We can't make it early on Thursday, is it still worth coming? What will we miss?
A. YES - it is definitely worth coming. We have some seminars during the day and a potluck that night but the bulk of the activities are Friday and Saturday. You must come!

Q2. I want to come to the rally but what if it's sold-out. Am I out of luck?
A. A wait-list feature is built into this registration application

Q3. Can we wash our trailers/trucks on our campsite?
A. No, the 4H Fairgrounds does not allows this. If you're just knocking the bugs off your front cap - you'll probably be fine. Also - there is a car wash in Elkhart on SR-19 that has a couple no-touch automatic wash bays that can accept dually pickup trucks (no trailers)

Q4. Does the Fairgrounds have Internet?
A. Yes. Comcast now provides the Internet service to the Fairground's Wi-Fi system. There is no longer a charge for this service!

Q5. How many days/nights does the rally fee cover?
A. From the rally fees, we will be covering Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. So that's from check-in at Thursday to check-out Sunday.

Q6. Are pets allowed at the Fairgrounds?
A. Yes. Pets are welcome. As always, they must be leashed and picked up after.

Q7. Is there a "pet walk" or "dog run" area?
A. They do not have a specified ''dog-run area'' but there is plenty of grassy space at the Fairgrounds and there are paved streets that are great for walking dogs and people.

Q8. Can we cancel our registration/reservation?
A. Yes, cancellations will be accepted prior to May 8th. Refunds will be less a 10% processing fee (our cost for registration and credit card fees).

Q9. What is my site number?
A. Sites are not assigned by the Fairgrounds for rallies. They are assigned by the rally organizer. Your site will be assigned to you at some point prior to the rally date. If you do not receive your site assignment prior to departing home for the rally, no problem. The rally Check-In and Parking Team will have the final list. When you pull into the property, you will stop at Check-In, given your rally packet and be taken to your site.

Q10. Why do some attendees have site numbers assigned to them already and I do not?
A. "Most often", this is due to us honoring requests by returning 2007 rally attendees to have their same site. In other cases, special requests for site assignments were accommodated. Your site will be assigned before the start of the rally (see Q9 above).

Q11. Can we arrive prior to June 11th and/or stay later than June 14th?
A. If space is available you can. For these "extra" days, you must reserve in advance and pay for them directly with the Fairgrounds office. Due to the potential of other rallies before, during and after ours, it's quite possible that for your extra days, you may be placed on a different site for the extra days, then have to move to your rally site on rally day 1.

Q12. What / how many days are covered in my rally fee?
A. Three nights of camping are included. They are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Q13. What are the check-in/out times for the camp sites?
A. The Fairground's has no specific check-in time. You may arrive any time the first day of your reservation but due to other rallies ending prior to ours plus those taking extra days, you "may" not be able to get onto your reserved site until 2 pm. While check-out time is 2 pm but I would like everyone to do their best to be out by noon on Sunday as the campground needs to turn-over.

Q14. Are campfires allowed?
A. The general answer is "no". There are no campfire rings in this multi-use space we'll be camping in. Depending on the weather during the rally, they "may" allow the use of portable, self-contained, up-off-the-ground fire pits. Feel free to bring yours if you have one and we will announce at the rally, if we have been cleared to use them. Please do not risk our rally by making a campfire or by using your fire-pit until we have been cleared to do so.

Q15. I don't own a Heartland product at this time, can I still come to the rally?
A. Sorry, this Heartland Owners Rally is open to current Heartland RV product owners. You must bring and camp in your Heartland RV in order to register for and participate in this rally.






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More about Site Assignments

Here's how 2009 site assignments are working:

  1. Rally attendees that are returnees from the 2007 rally held here have overwhelmingly asked for their same sites again. I am honoring these requests through February 27th.
  2. Some have checked the "Mobility Challenged" box on their registration. I will be doing my best to accommodate these requests by either putting them away from the main group but very close to our activities building or with the main group but a few steps closer to our activities building. Our activities building is the ECC Building (Elkhart Community Center Building)
  3. I have reached out to the North Trailers forum members, offering them 10 contiguous spaces in our main group area on the south most row that we could not fill in 2007. I am holding these sites for North Trail owners through March 16th.
  4. I have honored a few requests for people who wanted to be near a friend.
  5. On or about March 1st, I will begin assigning spaces to everyone who has registered through that date.
The largest group area at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds is the Northwest Camping Section. It has about 70+ sites. A few of the sites are not suitable for the longer 5th wheels.

Our goal is to have at least 100 rigs this year. As such, 30 of them need to be put in other areas. Very near to our building is Maple Street. Maple street has about 25 full-hookup gravel sites that backup to a short fence. This area is where we will be assigning most of those who have indicated "Mobility Challenged". The trade-off is grass but the benefit is huge - PROXIMITY. It is a very short walk to the ECC Building.

Then, we will have the South Camping Section. This is also full-hookup and will be all grass (no gravel pads). It will be a similar distance to the ECC Building as the NW Camping Section is.

Camping for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights do NOT need to be reserved by you with the venue. Any early or late days DO need to be reserved by you with the venue.

Depending on your arrival day, you "may" not get on your rally site for 1 or more of your early days. There is a rally before ours. They are done Sunday. There may be a few hold overs. If you plan to arrive Sunday or earlier - plan to spend those nights on another site within the property. If you plan to arrive Monday or later, chances are very good that you will be able to stay on your rally site for those early days.