1. R

    Tripping breaker without any obvious electrical load.

    Hello, I am a new owner of a 2009 North Country 26BH trailer. We have owned the trailer for about a month, and have not yet taken it out on a trip. While the trailer has been parked next to my house, my wife and I have been slowly getting ready for our first trip. Bringing our existing camping...
  2. S

    2009 Big Country Cabinet Doors

    Hello All, Does anyone know if it is possible to orders some doors and cabinet fronts in some custom sizes? I have the 2009 3490 RB and have removed the jack-knife couch from the bunk room and built a platform bed for my son and I am wanting to install some matching cabinet fronts and doors...
  3. M

    Do I need a slider to haul a 2009 Landmark Pinhurst

    Hello, I'm new to the RV world, we bought a 2009 Landmark Pinehurst, we plan to pull it with my F350 short bed 6 3/4. Should I install the slider with the fifth wheel or will work ok without it since on the 2009 Landmark. Also looking for some help for my wife working all the buttons. She can...
  4. S

    2009 Big Country Satellite wiring diagram

    Hello All, New to the forum but not new to RVing. Just bought a 2009 Big Country 3490RB and have a question about the satellite wiring. I have HD DVR's that I want to install into the bedroom and living room and need to have 2 inputs into each DVR for the ability to watch one channel and...
  5. bigbird272

    3580 2009 Bighorn

    3580 2009 Bighorn, No Bedroom Slide Sseals? I am purchasing the above model from a local dealer. When I checked it I noticed that there was no rubber seal on the back of the bedroom slide. There were good seals on the other slide but not the bedroom? I checked two other Bighorns at the...
  6. W

    Model # of converter in my 2009 Bighorn?

    I am planning on ordering the Progressive Dynamics remote pendant to be able to tell what it's doing. Anyone happen to know the model number of the progressive dynamics converter that would be in our 2009 Bighorn?
  7. C

    2009 BH with a laminated Roof?

    I am looking to buy a left over new 2009 BH 3670RL from a dealer. He told me it has a laminated roof design. From my research that did not happen until 2010 models. He said it was a late production 09. Could this unit have the laminated roof? VIN # is: 5 S F B G 3 6 2 3 9 E 2 0 2 2 0 0 I also...
  8. C

    2009 bh 3670rl vs 2011 bh 3670rl

    This is going to be my 1st RV. I was all set to order a new 2011 BH 3670RL till I found a new 2009 loaded with options left over at a dealer. They are offering it to me at a great price, $3000.00 under the sparsely equipped 2011 I was considering. Are the 2011’s that much better to offset the...
  9. T

    2009 3670RL Possible Frame Flex Issue - help/advise

    We have a crack at the lower left corner of our bedroom slide and have had water infiltration on the carpet at that same corner. Our dealer called us and said that they would send out the trailer to have the crack repaired and this would be under warrenty. We are concerned that repairing the...
  10. caissiel

    pocket door on the 2009 3500RL fell off

    During our trip south the pocket door broke the stop screw in the pocket and derailed in the pocket. I was able to reinstall the door and locked it open with 2 screws. The screws holding the kitchen pantry were to long and the door was damaged by the screws. Why does a company allow the workers...
  11. I

    2009 3055 Converter/Inverter questions

    Sorry for the length of this post but I'm trying to get my modified brain waves around the most challenging upcoming mod for our 'Horn. We absolutely love our BigHorn:D and will be keeping it for a long time so changes are in order. We don't like having to fire up the genny to use the fireplace...
  12. T

    Camp Fest 2009 a Success

    Camp Fest 2009, Manitowoc, WI is history and it was a great success.:) The weather could not have been better, the entertainment was outstanding, and Gerry and Karen's 2010 Big Horn 3410RE was the hit of the Heartland section. It is a beautiful unit, and thanks for bringing it to Camp Fest on...
  13. wfwilson

    Ontario Chapter Newsletter Sept 2009

    Sorry folks I tried till I was blue in the face to up load files with pictures and could not. tried in word they Jim gave me a way to change to PDF which I did and could not get it to upload either. Tried uploading pictures one by one and I could not get it to work. So I finally copied and...
  14. P

    2950rk BC towing with a 2009 3500 srw

    Does anyone tow with this combination- it is a 4x4 I am concerned about the clearance between the bed rail and the unit. The new trucks ride high in the rear. Your experience is appreciated.
  15. S

    2009 Big Horn TV

    Is there a way to watch TV while on battery power only?
  16. J

    2009 Big Horn 3400RL

    First trip with our new Big Horn... Traded up from a Gulfstream and cant believe the overall difference. The BH weights 3000lbs more, and is 3 foot longer with a higher profile yet it towed so much better than our old unit... The gas mileage even improved... I have short bed truck and the front...
  17. S

    Question for Jim - 2009 MSRP Sheet

    Jim, are you able to provide the 2009 MRSP sheet for the Bighorns? If so, could you attach it or e-mail it to me? I would be most grateful!!:D Cheryl
  18. P

    2009 silverado 3500 srw and big country 2950

    Will pick up the unit in a couple of weeks, has anyone had issues with having to "flop the axles for level towing"? Is the rear bed height of the newer trucks an issue in giving proper clearence for the rails? Is anyone towing this combination? How does it work for you
  19. L

    Cyclone 2009 vs 2010 ?

    My wife and I are buying a Toy Hauler. We have been looking at the Raptor and the Cyclone. Can someone tell me what the differences are between say a 2010 3010 and the 2009 3210 as far as construction and options and build quality. I know the 2010 have some very nice upgrades. But were most...
  20. J

    Slam Doors on a 2009 3400RL?

    Just wondering, does anyone know if the new 2010 slam doors can be retrofitted to a 2009 3400RL?
  21. B

    2950 2009 Big Country Wired for 2nd A/C unit

    Is the 2950 Big Country pre wired for a 2nd A/C ? Can I get the Electrical prints for my 2009 2950 Big Country ? I'd be your Best Friend.... Bernie Concord NC
  22. ziggy

    2009 Oregon Rally Photos in HOG

    Hi, I have finally finished editing the rally pictures and uploaded them to the Gallery. I want to thank the people who took the pictures and gave them to me. Thanks Dave and John! If anyone else has photos from the rally or Winchester Bay they would like to have added to the album, you can...
  23. L

    Special Heartland Guest Speakers for SOCAL Rally Nov 2009

    Hi everyone, We just want to say how excited we are about our Nov 13-15th So Cal Chapter Rally in Buellton, CA. We have a special attraction, so anyone who wants to attend just let me know. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Special Guest Speakers On Saturday night, November 14th,after the potluck dinner...
  24. sailorand

    2009 BC Rally was a sucsess

    The BC Chapter Rally was a great sucsess. We had 4 Bighorns, 2 Sundance's and 1 North Trail. 6 were from BC and 1 from Alberta, thanks geekrus for the long drive. Kettle RV Park was a very nice park and the golf course did have some challenges. The weather did have a few showers in it, but other...
  25. linuxkidd

    2009 Rally LIVE on the Web!

    You can watch the Rally LIVE from the ECCC center. You can use this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/heartlandrally NOTE: This webcast is dependent on the campground's WiFi connection, which at this time is a bit spotty. Please try again if it seems that we are offline. Thanks, LK
  26. C

    our 2009 31 RED

    We love the layout of this one. 2 slides on the rear makes for a nice entertaining area. Also the extra counter by the door is great. In last pic I'm making breakfast wraps for 15.
  27. A

    SOLD - For sale 2009 Bighorn 3670RL used once w/extras.

    Hi everyone we have decided that we want to take our motorcycle with us on camping trips so our beloved 3670RL needs to be replaced with a toy hauler. I am looking now at the dealers and have had a couple of offers for trade on a new toy hauler but I would prefer that someone who has interest...
  28. J

    2009 280bh toy hauler inside measurements

    What are the interior dimensions in the ATV storage area? Depth and width of ramp door. I have a 2008 Polaris 2-up with a dump bed and wench that pushes 96" in length will it fit?
  29. B

    Brand new 2009 31 QBS

    Hey all, We just picked up our 1st trailer(we are clueless) a few weeks back:rolleyes:. When we got home we noticed that the the cushions in the main area we two different colors. Also, there was not much cushion when compared to the ones in the bunk room. Do we contact the dealer about...
  30. mjatwalker

    First Trip 2009

    Hello everyone, We took our 3250TS to our place in western Maryland this weekend. No problems all is good. It will stay there for the summer and then we go to the fall rally in Hatteras. I guess that will be the big test. Happy Memorial Day have a safe and fun summer. Mike
  31. nemo45

    We did it 2009 3600RE

    We just purchased a new 2009 3600RE. I've been a member of this forum since we first started looking for a rig to full time in, in 2005. We ended up purchasing an Open Road 357 which we have been very happy with. We wanted a Big Horn back then but just couldn't get the deal done with the dealer...
  32. S

    Furnace trouble 2009 Sundance 5th Wheel 2998 RB

    I'm having trouble starting my furnace. I turn on the furnace, the fan is blowing however it won't ignite, it only blows cold air. I've tried re-setting the button, turning the furnace on and off, checked for obstruction in venting, tried turning the propane tanks open slowly, batteries are...
  33. J

    Forum/Chat Outage - Monday, May 18, 2009

    Hey all, Just wanted to acknowledge that in fact, the forum and chat were both down Monday night from about 7:06 PM CST to 10:26 PM CST. Turns out that our webhost was down. At this point, we have no information on why they were down. There could be a whole host of reasons. Anyway, we are...
  34. E

    2009 dodge Mega Cab

    We have recently purchased a Bighorn 34 ft Fifth wheel trailer and are looking at a 2009 Dodge Mega Cab. With a 6ft 3in box we are wondering if this truck will maintain clearance while towing. Are there any fifth wheel owners who tow with a Dodge Mega Cab truck and do you require a sliding...
  35. R

    2009 or 2010

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of buying a BH 3670 and I like some of the new things on 10 but get I can get a 09 about 6K less. What to you guys think, is the 10 model with the slam doors, the new material in the roof and the door in to the bedroom and maybe the cord real worth the extra...
  36. boatto5er

    Announcing the Fall 2009 Virginia Chapter Rally

    Camp Hatteras Campground, Rodanthe, NC September 25-27, 2009 Yes folks, by popular demand we will be having our Fall Rally in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is after the close of their peak season so although some places might be closed, the rest of the island is ours. :D The...
  37. slb714

    2009 3914 Cyclone

    new here and love it so far, alot of great info for newbie's..Looking at a 2009 3914 Cyclone TH got a price of $***** which my wife got over the phone im not sure what the MSRP is, which im in the process of getting. does this sound like a good price?
  38. 8

    2009 Big Country

    What is the reason for the Fiberglass back on the Big Country? I have noticed it is an option. Also is there a large difference in quality and options between the Big Country and the Big Horn?
  39. J

    Yoder's Dinner - Details and List of Who's Going

    Dinner at Amish Farm for Early Arrivals If you are arriving Tuesday or earlier and want to treat yourself, I strongly urge you to consider joining a bunch of us who are heading over to the Shipshewana countryside to Yoder's Banquets. Henry and Carolyn Yoder and their family have a building...
  40. Del600

    TV Mount in a 2009 Sundance 2998RB??

    I have a 26" lcd that currently just sits on the solid state counter top in the main room . Can I use a mounting deivce that would hang the TV from the forward wall? This wall backs up to the shower, and before I start drilling I would like to know if some type of backer board is in there...