Researching to purchase a 2018 Heartland Mallard M32


Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2018 Heartland Mallard M32 and I am looking for some pros and cons. I have found some reviews online, more negative than positive, but I realize people having problems with their camper are more like to post than people that are not having any issues. The one I'm looking at is at Camping World and listed for $**,***. How is CW with price negotiation? What should I expect in dealing with them? Finally how are the warranties on these. At this time my plan is to place the camper in a campground and I will not be doing much if any traveling with it.

Thanks for your time, Jim
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With respect to price negotiations, keep in mind that the Mallard is a private label version of another Heartland trailer, and it's made exclusively for Camping World. You can only buy Mallards from CW and no doubt the various CW locations are unlikely to compete with one another on price. So your only negotiating leverage would be to look for the Heartland trailer from which the Mallard is derived. Then you can shop that trailer at competitive dealers to have a comparative price for negotiating.

The warranty from Heartland is about what you'd get on any RV of any brand. However, Heartland has been more flexible than many other companies when it comes to how warranty work gets done. If you prefer to use an independent service shop or a mobile servicer willing to work on the trailer, with prior approval from Heartland, you can use their services. Also, in the case of minor things where an owner can do the work himself, Heartland is often willing to ship you the parts under warranty, avoiding a trip to the dealer. And if you have a problem with dealer service, you can call Heartland Customer Service and they'll actually talk to you and try to help. These things distinguish Heartland warranty from many others.