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Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders-Retired
Well all, it’s time for us to pass the reins to someone else for the West Texas Chapter.

We have loved giving the western part of Texas a gateway to club membership and hosting another stop on the rally trail for our fellow Heartlanders.

We have enjoyed discovering new places for rallies like Quanah and Alpine, and been blessed with a terrific and supportive RV Park at WhistleStop in Abilene the past 3 years.

We also had an amazing dealer sponsor with T&S RV when no one near us would... and then a new dealer Haskell RV the past two years, with owners Jason and Samantha Pelz that had their own Heartland and rallied along with us.

I recently took a new job, and Tony’s challenging school environment (thanks Covid!) have made us value our vacation time more than ever. (We use vacation time to prep and run the rally.) So unfortunately we will not be hosting a spring rally and will be stepping down as Chapter Leaders so that someone else has plenty of time to secure a venue and plan another rally in the spring if they wish.

Our chapter has been very blessed with fundraising and low expenditures, so the next “Rally Host” should have no trouble funding an upcoming event.

Please know this has nothing to do with the club changing format, or Jim B’s leaving. We have been considering this for a while. And now is the time we would be securing our rally venue for the spring, so now is the time to make the transition.

If anyone is interested in taking the lead, you can contact Julie Hancock to get that ball rolling! Feel free to pm me with any questions.

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Yall will definitely be missed as chapter leaders!! We appreciate all the awesome rallies yall have done and we'll definitely see yall down the road!!

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Heartland Owners Club Manager
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Thank you so much Erika and Tony for starting the Texas-West Chapter and for being such great leaders. Your leadership has benefited the Club, your Chapter and Heartland and we are truly grateful.

A special thank you for the t-shirt designs and graphic displays that enhanced the North American Rallies in Goshen for so many years.

Be safe and be well. You will be missed.


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Erika, you and Tony were a pleasure to work with over the years and even though I'm no longer the Region Director, I am still sorry to see y'all step down. Thank you so much for building the west Texas chapter and everything else you did for the club. Hopefully someone else will take on the role of Event Host for this chapter. Good luck in the future and we hope to see you on the road somewhere. Happy Trails!!


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders-retired
Good luck and great job at both of your rallies we attended
Safe travels and see you down the trail somewhere