RV making NEW batteries go bad


We purchased our RV in Feb. Finally got it delivered in May. Some DC items quit working immediately. Turns out the NEW battery was bad. Got a new battery and didn't use the RV until we got land AC power connected. Fridge and Radio won't work. Had the new battery tested and it;s already bad.

Must be something about the inverter/converter???


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without shore power the battery will go dead from the items staying on draining the battery. Make sure your converter is working OR remove the negative battery cable when not on shore power


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The propane leakage alarm draws a small amount of 12 vdc power continuously. Per code, it is not on a fused circuit, has its own internal fuse. The propane leakage detector will alarm with a continuous tone when the battery voltage is drawn down too low.
When I had my trailer in indoor storage, I used to walk among the many RV's stored in that Sacramento big gutted bakery building. You would hear many of those propane alarms going off presumably from low battery voltage.

Get the manual for your converter/charger from our library. Click on "tools" and "Manuals" at the top of any forum page, then follow the submenus. Use a digital DC voltmeter (DVM) to check the output voltages of the converter.

The main way a converter/charger COULD destroy a battery is by overcharging (cooking) the battery.