Show us your Wilderness with the best scenic background.


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Sometimes you have to stop and take a picture.

Show us your best Wilderness with scenic background picture or video.
Time and location would be nice.

Here are some hills and valleys in the Ozarks of northern Arkansas on my first road trip with my new 2014 Wilderness 2175 RB.



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What? One week and no scenic backgrounds for our Wilderness travel trailers? Do y'all keep them at home? Or maybe no pictures of the Wilderness when out on the road?

How about some photos of your Wilderness at home?

Here's mine at home.

Hoping to see some nice Wilderness photos out in the wild or at home. :cool:


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These are great!! If you haven't already you guys need to be sending these in for consideration in next years calendar. See this thread for details.


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Just thought I'd help get this topic thread rolling . . .

Not a Wilderness . . . but it is a Heartland (Trail Runner)! :cool:

Click on photo to enlarge:


Was too windy there to put the awning out.


Better late than never. Trap Pond in Delaware 2021. 2017 Wilderness 2575RK.


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