Slide issues


My wife and I bought a new Sundance 293RL last summer. We have had one thing after another break on this camper. The dealership is a new one and they try to help with the problems. So far they have replaced several lights, the tv, refrigerator, replaced the door latch plate, and told me how to fix the furnace. And now the kitchen slide is not working correctly. They have replaced the control box, but did not correct the issue. The slide will only move about 4 inches and stop. It has been doing this off and on since we have owned the camper. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be with the slide. I am going broke staying in hotel rooms while my camper is sitting in yard.


Staff member
If that slide is hydraulic you may have a weak auto reset breaker. They are inexpensive and easy to replace.
There should be a bank of 12 volt breakers near the battery. They will have red rubber covers.
You will need to trace the wire from the hydraulic pump to the correct breaker.
When operating the slide the breaker trips and in a few seconds it will auto reset and work again.
If replacing a breaker be sure to disconnect the neutral (-) battery cable before you do so.
There may be other ideas coming.