Slide Out Won't Extend


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Maybe it would be worth the investment to get a small generator, not only for the storage yard hookups (using shore power assist for the charger/converter), but also for possible power outages while out on a trip. I stay fulltime in Thousand Trails parks in the San Diego area for family medical reasons, and one of the 2 parks I stay at has had ongoing problems with the old power distribution system in the park, and lately the electric utility has been shutting down the area power for frequent daylong periods while they upgrade their distribution system to prevent wildfires. Also, the other park that I alternate to up in the mountains has had 1-3 day power shutoffs during Santa Ana wind conditions. my generator has been a big asset during those conditions.

BTW, I am scheduled to move down the mountains this Monday, and I have been notified that the power will be off at my destination park for the day when I arrive. I will need the generator to help me get the trailer off the truck 5th wheel hitch, and get the slides out (in the rain).