Slideout floor damage and Parkland slide repair kit?


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Hi. I just found an area of crumbling slide-out floor material under the kitchen slide of my 2016 Bighorn. I immediately thought it was rot, but after looking around on here for a while I'm not so sure. Leaning toward roller damage.

So, assuming I don't find any water intrusion (it seemed bone dry), my question is does Heartland still sell the parkland slide out repair kit that seemed popular in posts a few years ago?

That would seem the easiest repair, or maybe a piece of galvanized sheet metal over enough bondo epoxy to fill the voids in the floor caused by the roller, and then covered with paint or some type of slide floor fabric? I could cut out and replace the wood, but that would likely be a pain.

Any thoughts or info greatly appreciated. Thanks and I'll post a pic later.


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I had the same thing on happening on our Landmark. While at the factory last your they cleared it up and painted something on there. No idea what they did really.
Guess I should go out and look to see if its still holding up.
I will get back to you on this one. :)

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If it's just roller damage, I think I recall posts about using sheet metal to solve the problem.


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You can buy the 105 adhesive from Amazon. I am not sure of the plastic that Parkland used but 105 will stick to ABS. ABS is the stuff used in black plastic drain pipe. You can but thin sheets of this stuff from a variety of places even Home Depot I think. ABS is tough as they used to make football helmets from it. Some plastics like polyethylene may not stick to the 105.

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