Slideout Slag


I recently purchased a 2011 North Country Lakeside. The outer wiper and D seals were pretty bad and I have replaced both. I didn't really look that closely at the way the old seals fit as I was mostly concerned with their rotting condition. Having put in the new ones, I see that at the front end of the top seal, there is about 1/2" gap between the wiper seal and the roof. I tried adjusting the vertical lift underneath, but it just moved the gap from the top to the side. I'm also now seeing that inside the rv, also at the front, there is a gap between the wiper and D seals. Looks like that end is sagging a bit and creating that gap. It's on the top and goes partway down the side. The other end of the slide, both inside and out is just fine. Good tight fit everywhere. Any suggestions on where to adjust to bring the inside trim up and out in order to bring the seals tight to each other, and also to close the gap on the outside. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.