Slides in or out for storage


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I was doing some reading about slides and I ran across a statement in the owners manual that the slides should be in for extended storage. I had never noticed this because when we are off the road my are extended, with jacks down of course, and on full power for heat or cool.

What is everyone's thoughts? Owning one of these things is a constant learning process-


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Hi Larry,

If you're full timing, the slides will be extended full time. It's designed with that usage in mind.

If the rig is in storage, keeping slides in may lessen the possibility of water getting past seals, less wear on the top surfaces and slide toppers (if installed), and less exposure of the slide room materials to wear from wind/rain/etc.

What happened to your slideout?


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While we had our 3670, in a summer seasonal site, the slides were out from early May to late September. Only brought them in for transit to and from storage. They were left in over the winter once I finished winterization and removing some items. We had slide toppers on all four slides and window awnings on the main and entertainment slides. Did retract the main awning during the summer if we were not in residence for extended periods.

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"extended storage" would mean when its not being used for quite some time (weeks/months, depending on location).
obviously, when its being used for an extended time, or only for an hour, the slides can be out as designed for use....

keeping the slide in when its not being used preserves the seals around the slider for a longer period, while at the same time, sealing all the little corner gaps where insects may decide to move into.... and it also lessens the interior volume if you should have a small heater or dehumidifier running inside.