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I have been considering a Heartland Greystone at a Las Vegas dealership. I made them an offer on the phone and told them I needed to see it before I would decide to buy it. Of course they wanted a credit card to hold it and I agreed to that and said I would be up to look at it and I would not buy it that day because I want a third party to inspect it at the time it is hooked up to water and electric. The sales man emailed me a buyers contract all filled out and I called him to say I would be paying sales tax in Arizona where I live. He already knew that but added it anyway. He said the sales order isn't binding but now I'm really uncomfortable. And found out after that sales order one of the footstools is missing. Is this standard procedure? What would keep them from charging my credit card a thousand if I decide against it? I'm a single lady and it's so hard to deal with these dealership jerks. Can anyone advise me about this. Please help with any advise.


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You could ask him to write on the sales order that the sale is contingent on you accepting the inspection results with xx days, and that any deposit is fully refundable if you cancel the order. If he's agreed verbally, he should be willing to write it down.

If your credit card is charged and you don't purchase the trailer, that written agreement should support getting your money back via a dispute filed with the credit card company.


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No one can advise you, your questions are legal questions. BUT......

You did not mention if you were looking at a new unit or used unit. But I THINK, IMHO, based on your salesman's "non-binding" comment, your deposit would be more accurately called "serious money." If you are serious enough to give a credit card over the phone, then you are serious enough for him to hold it.

BUT let me offer this.

In Texas any contract may be canceled (in writing, email included) by either party within 3 days. Most states have similar rules, perhaps even more consumer favorable rules than Texas. Google the contract laws of your state.

1st, read and understand your own contract, it probably addresses your question. What you signed is the contract. That document spells out your agreement. If it ain't in that contract then it does not exist.


Since your deposit was contingent on the third party inspection, then in reality, it sounds like you can decline to purchase it based on any element of that same inspection or something you observe. Every rig has a reason not to purchase it. Tires for example, are a great place for a deal breaker. Towmax tires is a deal breaker for me, and anyone will back you up on that one. And the missing furniture you mentioned.

As a general rule, I never pay to hold for inspection, I just simply tell them that I will be up to look at it, and if it sells, just call me so I don't waste a trip. Getting excited, and giving deposits over the phone really weakens your negotiating position. Every salesman has a deal that sets with the sun. But what is interesting is when the sun comes up there is always another deal.

Good luck


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Also if you used a cc, more than likely you can file a complaint for charge reversal..

Plus let's be real...your sales guy has no idea how the finance side works....

As for the missing stool or any other issues, they should be taken care of before your drive off...


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In CA. their is no "3 day cooling off" for cars or RV's. You signed the own it.


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I bought my trailer over the net. I think it is becoming more prevalent to do this. I put a deposit down on the trailer and set a date to inspect and purchase the trailer. My trailer was a thousand miles away and several states. I did not sign anything before hand. I don't think you should either. Remember, you are in the drivers seat on this. If the dealer does not agree, that could lose the sale. They want to sell you the trailer. If you want a little leverage, look at or and let the dealer know there are other similar trailers available (I'm assuming).

If the sales contract is not what you are expecting (after you have inspected and agree to purchase the trailer) then reject it. Tell them it is incorrect. You need to let them know that you are not married to this trailer and will walk away if you have to. Consider now how you are being treated at the time of the sale and wonder how you will be treated if you go back for warranty work. Good luck on your purchase.


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According to your thread you did not sign any papers which is good. Everything is verbal which is open to ones subjective interpretation. Signed documents are more binding and thereby carry more veracity; however, whether verbal or contractual, both are still open to civil litigation. Even if you signed the Buyer's Order, no dealership will sue over someone not purchasing their unit as it's easier to sell to another than incur the costs of a law suit. As said by others, if they charge the card, file dispute with the card company, you'll get your money back.


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I bought my trailer over the net. I think it is becoming more prevalent to do this.

I ordered mine to my specs through a dealer online who was 1800 miles away, I put 5K up for the order. The deal went very smoothly, and I have not regretted it, and I would do it again. My wife and I love our Big Country, and the dealer we went though. Yup I put that deposit on a cash back credit card too. LOL, every little bit helps. As far as warranty service is concerned, I never feared that issue, I don't live in it, and I'm not likely notice a problem within that warranty period anyway. If I did Heartland will help me with anyway if a local dealer is to cranky to work on it for me. But I have been lucky, the only problems I had with my unit were easily fixed DIY. From reading this forum, it seems like people get into an endless loop of trips to the dealer for 3 months wait for service, only to have to go back to the dealer for the same thing or something new. My grandfather always said "stay out of hospitals, they will kill you in there", I believe it. Stay away from service departments if you can, they will destroy your rig. The upshot is that I have no compunction about buying from a reputable dealer over the net.