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I purchased an 06 Grand Canyon and offer the following suggestions or comments:

The pull-out divider in the bedroom needs the snap strip that holds it in place moved to approx. 2 feet off the floor. This would stop the divider from getting off track at the bottom and getting caught between the wall and bedroom slide-out. I learned this the hard way with my previous 5th wheel. A simple fix is to connect a few of the wire stays you get when purchasing a new water hose, slide the stay between the divider frame and the wall, secure the ends and the problem is sloved.

I had a problem with 2 recessed lights not working properly. What happens is the connectors you slide the bulb into actually over time will bends the 2 wire prongs and causes a poor connection. Fix is to straighten the prongs or replace the blub. Due the cost of the bulb, I would repair and keep going.

I pull the 06 GC with an 02 F350, long bed, 7.3 PS. I resently damaged the ABS Ford standard rail cap, left side, that came with the truck. I was making a sharp left turn and the extreme rear edge of the box that is turned outward caught the edge of the rail cap. The Trailair hitch is to long. I have never had this problem with my previous 5th wheel. I should be able to made a sharp turn without damging my truck. Any suggestions.

Shower stall leaked. Sloved it in less than 5 minutes using clear silicon caulking.

Ice maker leaked water into the ice bin each time it filled up with water. Fixed in seconds, the installer did not mount the front of the ice maker frame in the refrigerator slot in refrigerator side wall.

Heartland needs to make a design change to allow the 2 grey water tanks to overflow into each other. In our case, holding tank # 1 for the kitchen never gets full even camping a full week but holding tank # 2 for the shower has to be empted in 3 days even if you take a Navy shower. Can it be done for our 06 GC? This is important and sure would make our camping life eaiser.

The storage compartment for the sewer line should be removed. You have probably heard enough of this. It just does not work, to small and who wants to remove the end connections just to store the hose. Somebody missed it here.

Yes, we love our GC. Heartland has moved the bench mark for 5th wheels to a higher level. I have had fewer problems with the GC than with our previous Fleetwood Pride.

I would appreciate someone contacting us on the hitch issue and the question concerning the grey water tank transfer. I tried filling the # 2 tank to see if it would transfer over and it never did, just backed up in the shower stall. Actually, the # 2 tank never did come out of the overflow pipe underneath the unit. I assumed that the 3 pipes coming out under the camper is overflow pipes for the greywater and fresh water tank.


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With regard to your hitch issue, I too had a similar incident. My TrailAir pinbox came in contact with my side rail when I was at an extreme angle. Since I have a bed cover with aluminum side frame rails, my pinbox gouged the bed cover rail. I was able to bend it back out, but the gouged area is no longer powder coated black!

I solved this issue by raising my hitch in the bed up one hole. It comes close at times, but no contact since. I agree, the extended pinbox TrailAir is a bit much. A standard pinbox on a longbed would probably work fine.

Thanks for passing along your suggestions. Too late for all of us now on our current models, but the factory does see these posts and hopefully they'll use them in their product improvement meetings to improve future coaches for future owners.

Phil Smith

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I have always wondered why the grey water can't be routed through the black water tank during flushing. That's a lot of water that could help in the clean out!


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You are correct about the hitch issue. You must watch very close when turning tight especially if your truck and trailer are not on the same level. The end of our hitch made a tiny scratch on the inside bed rail, but I saw what was happening and stopped just in the nick of time. It would be better if the hitch were not so long.
the three water pipes that come out of the bottom of your trailer are vent and overflow lines for the fresh water tank. As for the tanks draining becomes a code issue with rvia when the tanks are combined. Good idea for real world users, but in rvia world, they view it as a problem.
Extended pinbox

This is a question on the pinbox issue.
Is there a standard (non-extended) pinbox available? I presently have an Avion Westport (big square front) with the standard pin box and the trailer never comes close to the cab or the pinbox to the bedrails even in the tightest turns. I don't think that I would need the extended box. The truck is a GMC 3500 longbed.


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Pin Box problems ?


I talked to a TRAIL-AIR "Rep" in person at the Hershey RV Show in Sept. At "FIRST" all Landmarks were built with the standard (short pin box). If you ever look at one, they are much shorter and have 2 shocks,(one on each side).

Some time in 05' Heartland changed to the Lippert frame, it is made different than the earlier ones. It is "supposed" to be stronger, but made in a different manner. The standard pin box won't work with this chassis !!! Thus, the change to the long one. It looks like it should be on a 24 footer or smaller.

I told the Trail Air rep, that I would buy another (short one) and install it myself. He said it WON'T FIT !!!! Sorry.:(

This is what I know about the hitch situation


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Gray 1 & 2

Hi Hancock1:

I was wondering, if you aren't camping where you can't dump your #2, and it fills quicker, can you equalize a different way? Here's what I mean.

As long as your CAP is on tightly (at the hose connection) could you pull both gray handles and let them equalize evenly. Physics will dictate that they will both have the same level. It may take a few minutes. Just be careful there will be some residual gray water in the big pipe between the valves and the cap. It's going to spill as soon as the cap comes off.:eek:


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Trail Air

Just and FYI - I would suggest that you talk to us here at Heartland before you print something that you heard from some "rep" from a vendor.
We have used the SAME Trail Air Hitch on our units since they were first offered as an option. We have ALWAYS used the same, LIPPERT frame from the beginning and the part number of the Trail Air Hitch has NEVER changed. And... I am almost positive that you can put on the straight down version (non-extended) of the Trail Air Hitch without problem if you choose to get one of those. I am not 100% sure of that, but will find out from Trail Air on Monday in case there is any question. They simple unbolt from the frame - just like the normal hitch that comes from Lippert unbolts when we put on the Trail Air Hitch.

And that's the "rest of the story"...



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Trail Air Pin Box

Hi All & SCOTT:

Back last December when I ordered the G.Canyon, the trail air hitch WAS an option,which I chose. A few things that were optional were NOW standard. I was told that the straight down pin box was what I was getting. Well 5 weeks later "voila" I recieved my trailer with the EXTENDED hitch. :mad: I can tell you that I was NOT pleased with the extended one. I didn't want the trailer sitting back farther,(I have a job getting it in & out my driveway)

My dealer,(Lerch's) checked with the Company( I believe that they talked to you Scott), and were told that "This is the ONLY box that ya'll are using". If I could have made the switch I would have. I even E-mailed you and talked about this. I don't think the FORUM was here then.
Concerning " REP'S, the Heartland rep told me when I first saw one at the RV show,when I asked about a SHORTER trailer; No there aren't any BUT the 36.5 & 37's. The higher end customers want the longer units !
I didn't have the 2nd payment paid till I see on the Heartland website, the NEW Shenandoah 33'.:eek: I was TICKED OFF then.

As far as the "rep", he told me that it wouldn't help to buy the other box to replace the long one, because it wouldn't fit; Because Heartland changed the frame around the mount for the box. I feel if you talk to someone that sells them, that's the only way to aquire information for OUR side of the fence.

I'm sorry if I mislead anyone, Scott has the inside scoop on this stuff. All I have to go on is what I'm told when I start checking around.:confused:


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Of course a dealership is not going to tell you about a model that will be built in the future. He wants your business NOW. He wants to sell you something he already has or that he can order for you with the sale already made. If he tells you to wait for a manufacturer that has something "coming soon" (and who knows how soon that will be), there is a chance that you will find a different brand elsewhere and buy it there - that is if he even knew about Heartland's future plans. Our dealership sold us our Golden Gate and then promptly quit carrying the Heartland brand, (kind of screwed us if we have a major problem). Do you think they let us know they were going to do that?


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Hi Cheryl:

The Heartland factory "representative" was manning the display at the RV show, for a dealer that was CONSIDERING taking on the Landmark as his top line trailer. The Factory guy was the one that was doing the walk throughs and pointing out features. He knew right then and there they were going to build a 33 footer.:cool: Secret I Guess...

I would have waited and worked a deal on it as soon as a price was announced. Oh, well now I have what I have. The dealer wasn't impressed enough to DROP his Alpenlite line. So I'm kind of an orphan at that dealership. But, A dealer about 7 miles from me is a Heartland dealer now. YEAH !!!!!:D


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In that case, you would think he would know about and would at least mention that they were planning the smaller units.

We still don't have a dealer closer than 4 hours to us. The Pittsburgh RV show is in January, what do you think, can you get some reps there to get us a local dealer??? Having a couple of units there would be great too.
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Re; your grey water tank overflow - buy a valera slide gate termination valve. If you get caught with one tank full, close this gate at the termination point, then open both grey water valves, they will "equalize" - giving you a bit more space in the previous full tank.


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Equalizing the grey tanks with the endcap valve is a useful idea and it also helps clear any obstruction that may be blocking a valve if the equalization goes to the blocked tank to push the obstruction back. This is a good practice if both tanks are similar in height and they are at the same level in the frame.

I question the practice if the two tanks are at different levels within the frame or if they are shaped differently. The liquid will flow to the lowest level. The lower tank (or shorter in height tank) would become full while the upper level (or taller tank) empties. In other words, you take the risk of overfilling the lower or shorter tank. It would be necessary to monitor the gauges while equalizing to make sure that a tank is not receiving too much liquid.