T31 Torque outside TV mount


Our 2018 Torque T31 came with an outside TV mount (female end) I have not been able to find the TV mount ( male end) as I would like to mount the TV in the garage and move it back and forth from outside. I called the customer service and no help. Someone must know the brand of these mounts. vin# last 6 350958

Thank you for any help


That outside mount should have the same wall side bracket as your TV in the main living area. The mount was designed to be able to move from inside to outside. My trailer had the TV and mount replaced with a wall mounted bracket. However My dealer was able to get a replacement TV side bracket for me to mount a TV outside. I am sure that you can order the whole assembly. If all else fails you could always call my dealer in UT and the parts guy could help you out. It is Darren Dideaux RV.