The Papa of all burgers.


OK guys. We just had a fantastic burger for only $4.10 for a cheese burger that only the young can contemplate eating.

JayC gave me the directions and it was well worth it.

I spoke with Nora who is one of the family owners. This business started about 60 years ago when it was Gonzales Grocery. The lady (I think it was their mother) met a young student who was eating a bologna sandwich for lunch. In place of this sandwich she gave him a small hamburger for 15 cents. The next day the boy asked if he could invite his friends and so began the beginning of a lunch for many children. As time went by the workers for the city across the street asked what the children were eating and was told it was a small 15 cent burger. The workers offered to buy a larger burger for 25 cents and as others found out about the food being served even more came. Over time the children were gone and other business took business away until one day a Winter Texas just happen to have a flat tire on a bike and came in to use the phone. They were asked why there were so few people in the business and they were told that the big burger joints took away most of their business.

So the next day about 20 people from a campground that the persons were staying came in and started ordering something to eat. As the word got out many more Winter Texans kept coming in so that now their business goes on from about September through May then they close and make renovations and do other things such as go on vacation.

I really enjoyed talking to Nora and Rick. They are quite friendly. As you can see in the photos we sat outside on the tables but there are about a half dozen or more tables inside. They were so busy that it took about 30-45 minutes to get our order. I asked how many burgers they made on average each day. They said they did not know but they make burgers until the meat made for the day is gone and that is about 175-200# of hamburger that they grind every day. They choose the meat that they use as they need it. Someone indicated to me that the meat was marinated over night. Nora said that is not the case. It is only ground and salted as they make the burgers each day.

If your around the Donna or Mission area of Texas you must come by and have a burger.

A route to Gonzales Burgers:
US-83 (East Expressway 83) to Main St.
Go south on Main St to Silver
Turn left on Silver and go about 5 blocks
On the south (right) corner of Silver and 14th you will see a peach building with no sign and a lot of cars parked in the area. A day care is across the street along with a city warehouse area.

I took some photos that you can view at the following link. Gonzales Burgers

The address is on the menu and a long & lat location is on the GPS photo.

Happy eating.


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Bobcat, we were there a few weeks ago. What a place! Loved it.
You must have been there on an off day. I don't see many people in your pics. We waited an hour for the food. Worth it.
Now, have you been to Willies for a stuffed baked potato? Get the fajita stuffed one when you go. Couple of jalapenos on the side, mmm that's livin.



I agree with you on Gonzales Burger, they are outstanding. It is a must visit if you are in the RGV. I jumped off my diet for a few minutes while we were there and it was well worth it.