Tips for camping with kids...


Anybody got any handy tips or ideas for camping with the kids?

Here`s one... to make mealtime easier and save on drink spills at those warped old picnic tables, get a small snack plate, those that have a flat-bottomed center cavity for dip and are round like a sombrero. Menards had some. The kid`s glass can fit where the dip cavity is in the middle. It stays level and is easy reach plus contains the crumbs and bits too.


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Leave the kids at home...LOL. Good idea, but all the kids all grown up and are gone AWAY. Now just grandkids that you can send home, after you fill them with sodas and candy, and when it gets TOOOO noisy.


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The hardest thing to do is to keep them interested. That changes depending on the age of the children and their attention span. If they love to fish that can keep them occupied and having fun for hours. If they like history you can find historic things everywhere in this country. Then their are board games. Some kids call them bored games. LOL Just some ideas.