Tire PSI

I recently purchased a 2014 elkridge with goodyear endurance on it. (they will have to be replaced next year) The psi on the tire states cold psi is "80 psi" the rv itselfe states that the tire psi is 65. They are currently at 65. What is the correct psi i should fill them to?


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80 lbs ..is the pressure required in order to carry the full amount of weight that the tire states on the sidewall.Less pressure equals less carrying capacity.


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As already stated, the pressure required depends on the load. If you already have or are willing to weigh your RV (never a bad thing to know) you would use that information and the load tables for your particular tire to determine the correct pressure. You can use a google search to find the Load Inflation Table for most tires.


If you give size of your tires, I will make you a pressure/axleload list, with maximum reserve build in for load and speed, but still no screws trembling loose.

Then when you weighed, or read GAWR, yust look back in my list and use that cold psi.


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use the RATING on the TIRE.... the paperwork or tag with the tire pressures that is found on the coach will be indicating the specs for the tires that were OEM on the trailer as it was delivered new... it may have different tires on it now... ALWAYS use the pressure ratings on the tire itself, and, as opposed to LT tires, ST tires must be inflated nearly to their pressure rating, which will prevent heat build up and failure of the sidewalls of the much stiffer tire...
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