Towing a 28BHS


Hi all!

I'm new to the forum and have a basic question - I am wondering what other folks use to tow a 28BHS. I have an '02 Silverado 1/2 ton (5.3L/3.73 rear end) towing a popup and am considering the 28BHS.

The Heartland/North Trail seems like the nicest unit we have seen so far - my wife commented on a bunch of the little details when we looked at a unit before I watched at the video.

I've done quite a bit of surfing around other RV forums and it seems that some folks would never recommend towing this size camper with a 1/2 ton truck no matter how the truck is equiped and regardless of trailer weight but just based on the trailer length. I'd love to move up to a travel trailer but I don't want to have an unsafe setup nor a setup that is going to ruin my truck.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - even if they rain on my parade of getting this camper!! Thanks in advance,



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We just pulled our 08 28BHS out of storage today.:D We have a 2004 Ford F250, 5.4 V8, 4:10 gears. We use a WD hitch and have no problems. No Sway. I would would say that the 5.3 should have no problems as long as you are within your limits. The 28BHS is well balanced and is very aerodynamic. It tows better than our old 2005 20' Hybrid T.T.
I think that the Heartland website has a section that tells what tow vehicles will work for every size of North Trails.
Good Luck, we love ours.:)


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Chris, I tow a 28BHS with a 4.7L Toyota Sequoia with a towing capacity of 6500#s. I use a Blue Ox Sway Pro WDH. I have no problems. Yes, I won't win any races but I live in SC and travel mostly on relatively flat terrain. I can feel the weight behind me, but it works for me now. We would probably upgrade TV's in about 4-5 years only because we would need a new vehicle then.

Check out this guys website and his TV info. It will probably ease your mind a bit. It did for me.


Oh and BTW, I highly recommend a Heartland product. We absolutely love our 28BHS. Their customer service is superb.


Thanks to both of you for the replies and the website reference. Now I just have to talk the dealer into a higher price for my trade-in popup!

Thanks again!!