Unknown switch


2CDC78AF-BC3E-428D-8EE1-3895068D74DF.jpegI recently purchased a 2016 Wilderness 2850BH. I cannot figure out what this switch does. I called Heartland and they thought it could be for step lights, satellite, or dummy switch. Switch on left near door operates the awning lights. Far right the main camper lights. Switch has wires connected, but no evidence of lights near stairs or other skirt lights. Any help appreciated.


I dont have that model but on my Step light, it is way underneath the actuall folding steps. You can hardly see it unless you are bending way over and look behind the outside steps.


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Possible outside porch light or front-end nose lights. Wait until it is totally dark then turn it on and start looking.
On the inside after you turn it on, it could be accent lights on the slide-out.
When we bought on new Road Warrior in 2017 it came with 60% of the switches unlabeled. We had to use the wife's label maker and find out what switch went to what lights.
Good Luck!!!!