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Hi All,

When this forum was using the vBulletin platform (2004 - 2021), we used the following user titles:
- Junior Member
- Senior Member
- various custom titles

Now (May 2021 and forward), this forum is using the Xenforo platform and it had different built-in user titles. I've always thought these ladder-based titles to be a bit silly, so when programming Xenforo, I removed a bunch of the titles they had in their progressive title ladder to just 3, as follows:
- Member: 0 to 50 posts
- Active Member: 51 to 100 posts
- Well-known member: 101 posts or more

So as you can see, a users progression up the title ladder is a function of their post participation in the forum.

Should a user desire a custom user title, this is something Forum Administration can do for you. Kindly reach out to one of our Forum Moderators with your request via, Start New Conversation (PM):
- Dan Mayer - @danemayer
- Terry Hershberger - @Terry H
- Dave Hromek - @cookie
- Jim Beletti - @jbeletti
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