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Hello, new Bighorn owner (2011 3670RL) here trying to learn about our trailer.

I need to replace the intake valve in the toilet. We have the trailer hooked up to "city water". In a house, I would have a valve at or near the toilet to turn off the water. I see no shutoff valve like that in any diagram, documentation, etc.

Do I have to drain the entire freshwater tank to be able to replace the toilet intake valve (to avoid water spraying everywhere)?

Even with the city water disconnected, it seems like there is pressure in the system for a good while. Is the pump automatically turning on and doing creating the pressure?



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Unfortunately, none of these rigs come with shutoff valves on the waterlines for the toilets or sinks. That's something I strongly recommend you add. Shutoff valves for PEX lines are readily available at hardware stores. I added shutoffs for both our toilets and all the waterlines feeding the sinks. As for the freshwater tank, you don't need to drain it. Just turn off the city water, and also make sure your electric water pump is turned off - there should be a switch for the water pump at your control panel. If both are off, you should be able to just open the taps on a sink and relieve the water pressure.


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Look for a Sharkbite brand 1/2 inch PEX shutoff valve. The only ones I have been able to find have been lever ball valves, but they are SO easy to install on a PEX line (just cut the water line, slip on the valve to the hose ends, NO CRIMPING, so reliable it is approved for use inside of walls of buildings by plumbing codes).

This is what I have:

This is what I would like to add to every freshwater line if I can ever find them locally:


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To answer the OP’s question, No, you do not have to drain the tank. Simply turn off the city water and your water pump, then hold the toilet flush open until all the pressure is relieved. Opening the cold water low point drain will help drain the line, too. Then cut the line coming up through the floor to install the Sharkbite valve. Did it years ago in the 2009 BH3670 we had, using the PEX crimp rings. Sharkbite would have been a lot easier!

Removing the toilet bowl will give you more room to work. You may only be able to shift it to the side, though, based on how they attached the plumbing to the back of it

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