Vertical adjustment on slideouts, how did you DYI it?


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2011 BC, 4 slide outs, looks like I have a Through Frame system.
Non-entry side: Bedroom slide no issues. Motor is under bed, has proper amount of fluid & power, no rust. Kitchen slide has had movement downward towards the back cap on the slide out mounting bracket. Entertainment center has significant downward slide on mounting bracket.
Entry side, 1 slide out has also had significant downward slide on mounting bracket.

All gears look good and are lined up though I don't have a micrometer to measure them. There is no interior excessive weight (if anything, it's less than what most full timers use), it's leveled properly.

How did you DYI the slide outs? I've searched the manuals and can't quite find that part in the Heartland Owners Manuals and it's driving me nuts. Not only is it putting undue torque on the entire rig, I'm afraid one is going to literally tip out in the middle of the night!

All of this started about a month ago after being in storage for a year, before doing anything I did a full check of all the slide out system components and washed off dirt and debris outside after checking numerous times I was level. I also went over the entire roof for leaks and immediate inspection when washing it up after the extending the slide outs. None were found (I have a moisture reader) and there were no signs of mold inside and still haven't been. I had to have missed something.