wanted: advice on aftermarket wireless backup cameras....


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i have no experience with backup cameras, and have only used the one on my wifes car, so I need some help...

I want at least a dual camera system, one for the tow vehicle, and one for the back of the 5th wheel.... wireless is prefered, as I have no clue as to whether my 2010 bighorn has been prewired, or how to find out...

on another thread I found mention of a furion 4 camera system, and a haloview multi camera system, but there are no model numbers for either mentioned....

I really dont need all the cameras, but I do want a good clear view on the monitor, so some suggestions would be appreciated....

im not the guy who has a lot of extra money to spend on the most up to date and expensive system thinking its the best ever made... but i work on a budget and im fully aware that there are some excellent systems available that are affordable, and I need some help identifying them.... im not opposed to spending money on quality, but the most expensive is not always the best deal... I want that "best deal" camera system..... so which ones should I be looking at?


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Haloview is a good choice, cost-effective, and of good quality. Worth having a try. As for the model, the Haloview MC7108 might be a fit! Hope my suggestion can help you


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Pre-wiring for a back up camera was non-existent back in 2010. A lot of guys pick up the 12 volts from the rear running lights, and obviously you need to turn them on to use the camera. I found the rear back up cameras not to my liking. I bought the lippert/furrion version, and never installed it. I did test it on the rig though. It worked but the display was small, and not very useful. Having my wife back there with a walky talky is much more precise.


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We like the Haloview as well. Furrion gets good reviews but I read a lot of comments about people having problems with signal strength on long coaches. Our Milestone is 43' and our RAM Mega Cab makes the whole thing just enormous, so I wanted something that wouldn't have a problem with that. I never tried the Furrion so I can't say whether that's a real issue, but at least as a data point the HaloView (we got the RD7 kit with the CA112 side marker add-ons) does seem to work fine. One unexpected bonus I didn't really think about, the HaloView (and I think the Furrion does this as well?) has a mic in it. Even with a backup camera it's nice to be able to easily hear a "spotter" talking to you so that's a nice feature.

If you do try the HaloView, their listing is a little confusing. They sell a Furrion "adapter bracket" which I thought I needed to buy to mount this, since the Milestone came "prepped for Furrion". For anybody here considering this system you do not need this add-on bracket. The base RD7 kit comes with it.


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I have a Furrion system that I am satisficed with. The prewiring usually just consist of a rear bracket with the power wires tied to the closest running light. As has been mentioned above you must have the running lights on to utilize camera. I rewired mine to a constant 12 volt source with a rocker switch I turn on before towing. I personally find the rear camera more useful as a rear view mirror while towing, than a backup camera. I will occasionally look at it when backing but not often.


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have a 40' 5th wheel no problems with the Furion system loosing the signal, it does have the repeater mounted up front