water pressure in the shower


we have low pressure than it kicks in for a little bit than back to low than high than low. thats when we use our fresh water tank. pump comes on than off. any help. thanks


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Go to Camping World and get an Oygentics (spelling?) shower head. Don't get the plastic one. They are prone to break. You will notice a world of difference. I did. Search the forum under shower and you will find a previous post or two.



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It is an oxygenics I believe and found one on ebay a lot less expensive than at Camping World. Love it!


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The oxygenics rocks. You may also consider installing an accumulator tank downstream of the pump. It has a pressurized bladder that helps maintain constant pressure so the pump doesn't cycle so much. They are available at Camping World etc.


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I need to poke this old topic for info. The shutoff on our shower head broke... so although it works it sprays water in all directions and won't shut off. I'd heard good stuff about Oxygenics and now I've got questions.

Can I buy an Amazon residential version like http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LR8PBI/ref=noref?ie=UTF8&s=hi this one?

Will it shut off or do I need a separate shutoff valve?

White is bad? but the cheaper Chrome is OK?


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What Mike (Gasman) posted is really good advice.... but the pump OEM's say it's bad ! "Accumlator Tanks are a NO NO" Ignore the pump OEM's and do it anyway because it works. So the pump may or does take a powder, just replace it. It's worth the comfort to stop the pulsing and low shower pressure. This is setup used in homes and ain't we got a RollingHome ? JMO


Hey Dave, We have had that shower head for 8-9 years at our home. Used to take it out to the rv when we went anyplace until I finally bought another just for the rv. At the base of the shower head handle is a knurled fitting... it will reduce the shower output to a dribble, but not complete shut off. In other words you can control volume of spray from just a dribble to full spray, sometimes full spray in the house is to much for the wife. I would try it without the cutoff. If you do the boondocking bit,, then you need a cutoff... I think they are about double normal price on that. That is good price on head unit but check Homedepot or Lowes or Walmart for the cutoff... they all have them now.

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The shutoffs are designed to still flow a bit of water to remind you that the shower is still on.

I never use it. I found it way easier to just turn the water on and off. We are using the Oxy shower head too, and it works great. Although I thought the water form the factory shower worked pretty good for a trailer.