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what is the difference?
I’m not sure what you are referring to.
I need one like you would use on a 220v application.

Single pole single breaker


Double, tandem, piggyback breaker single pole


Double pole breaker (lines 1 & 2 for 240 service)

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Double, tandem, piggyback breaker single pole

View attachment 64006

Double pole breaker (lines 1 & 2 for 240 service)

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Because of the split buss design in the breaker panel, a breaker that takes one slot uses 1 power leg. A breaker that takes two slots uses 2 power legs.

The upper example, Double, Tandem, Piggyback breaker fits one slot and uses 1 power leg. Cheapheat (except for 30 amp operation with lower heat output), requires 2 power legs.

The lower example of a Double pole breaker takes 2 slots and uses 2 power legs that when connected to 50 amp pedestal service, are what CheapHeat normally uses.
Thanks everyone.
I actually knew this.
I’ve installed many in my 64 years.
I just didn’t understand what they were talking about when they used names I’d never heard them called.
Thanks for all you input.
I’m sure I’ll need more advice if I decide to tackle this install myself.
The only thing holding me from jumping right into it is the 2 knee replacement surgeries I’ve had in the last 9 months.
just don’t know if I’m able.
(extreme sad face)