What are these hoses for? 33RETS

New to RVing, and I cannot find what these are meant for. There is a third hose (blue) to the left of these. The two pictured are near the gray tank 2 and under-ish the kitchen sink, the the third one is near gray tank 1 and under-ish the bathroom. Are these hoses for draining fresh water that hasn't gone through any faucets or the shower?



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Those pictured are low point drains for the hot (red) and cold (blue) water lines, the single blue is the fresh water holding tank drain.



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As cookie said, they are low drain points that you open at end of season to drain any excess water. Then close them up before adding anti-freeze. The other blue line is exactly what cookie called it, fresh tank dump to do what it says. Again at end of season, or whenever you don't need to carry any extra water on board (dry camping, water for on the road pit stops).