What do you like about running a TPMS on your RV?


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I've used a number of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) over the years. Pressure Pro, Valor, TireMinder and TST are the ones I recall using, dating back to 2005.

Today, I'm running the TST 507 series TPMS on both my truck and RV and I love it!

In order, what I like about running with a TPMS (and I'll reference TST as we have a nice deal in place with them for our members at this time):
  1. The peace of mind I get from being able to see the pressure and temperature of my tires at a glance
  2. The time savings by not feeling I need to check my tire pressures each morning before I roll
  3. The early warning that I may get if I am developing a tire issue
What I like specifically about the TST product:
  1. The color display is great and easy to read
  2. The displays may be powered with their built-in battery and I've found it lasts for many days of driving
  3. So far, with my shorter trailer, I have not needed to install the included repeater
  4. Their customer service has been amazing
  5. Upon request, they will program your system for your truck/trailer tires before they ship
  6. They love working with our club members and they support our club events with product
Like anything, TPMS components aren't always perfect. Transmitters can come loose and can be lost. Transmitter batteries don't last forever. Some rigs need to use a repeater to get the readings from the RV tires to the display in the cab. In certain light, displays can be hard to read. With all that - I still love the peace of mind I get, seeing the pressures and temperatures of my truck and RV tires as we roll down the road.

So how about you - what do you like about your TPMS?

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Like you Jim I love the peace of mind knowing what's going on with the tire temps & psi. I to have the TST 507 system on both tow rig & rv. I'm using the repeater on a 40'/5th wheel with out any signal problems.
Even when not towing I keep an eye on the system, yesterday had an alarm for over psi on left front steer, this morning I've got to check things out & see what's happening with that tire. Had normal temps on the rim & hub so it's not bearings or brakes causing problem.
I highly recomend the TST 507 system.


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We are running the TST 507 on our 45 foot long Cyclone, and with the repeater we have had no problems with the signal. Seems very reliable! As mentioned before, we love:
- the peace of mind of constantly monitoring the tire conditions heading down the road.
- I take the monitor into the RV at night so in the morning I can see the tire pressures as we get ready to leave. No crawling around outside to check tire pressures!
- the color display is easy to read, and the internal battery seems to last a very long time.

Prior to the TST system, we ran a TireMinder setup. Worked well for a while, but then some of the sensors started throwing false alerts. I changed the batteries, took the sensors off and reseated them, but still got periodic false readings of low tire pressure on 3 different sensors. So I pitched that unit and went with the TST. So far very glad we did.
I too have the TST 507 system.
I have a 41 foot Big Horn and have not needed the repeater, my system works great without it.
I buy name brand Alkaline batteries good for 10 years on ebay.
I change batteries and O rings every Winter just before I head South.
I love the system.
Cookie posted a link a couple of years ago on where to pickup new O rings for the TST 507, maybe he could post it again.
Cheaper price than TST.



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Gary, that particular supplier has gone with the wind but the size was 1 x 20 mm.
I'll look around for another.



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I run with the Tire Minder brand and it has been good. But I have 1 issue with my left rear tire. It keeps sending a "Sensor" signal and I have already changed out the sensor. I called Tire Minder and told them every thing I have done, they seem to think it is the valve being bad. So they suggested changing out the valve to see if it is any better.
But Tire Minder has a battery replacement plan and you get batteries thru them, so I change mine yearly, which so be here in a couple of weeks.


My 2020 GMC Denali 3500 has a trailer TPMS built into the truck. Paid $5.00 a wheel for Discount tire to install the sensors. It also has some other neat towing features built into the truck: checks all trailer lights, gives trailer MPG average, gives trailer miles, have 11 different camera views, automatically sets trailer brakes and gives wheel turn angles to use when backing up trailer.


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This is a bit of an old thread, but today on the way home my TMPS alarmed on the left rear tire. Pulled off the freeway into a parking lot and found a large head of something in the tire. Turned out to be a 1/4 inch bolt. The TMPS saved the tire from running too low and possibly heating up to the point of destroying the tire (and damaging my RV). Just thought a real world incident might help someone who is thinking of adding a TMPS to their RV make their decision.