2021 TST TPMS Discount for Heartland Owners Club Members


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I am pleased to announce the Heartland Owners Club 2021 Tire Pressure / Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) promotion!

Thanks to the HOC's TPMS Vendor Partner, Truck System Technologies (TST), the following offer is now in place:

Offer: 20% off all TST TPMS products
Order: Online or by phone - www.tsttruck.com / 770-889-9102

If you order, circle back here and let others know about your ordering experience.

Thanks TST and thanks Heartland Owners Club members!

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I tried using it online to order. it is not taking the discount code: HeartlandRV

Sorry about that. TST called me on this today. I jumped the gun it seems. This promotion begins next Monday, May 24th. That said, they are trying to get it going yet this Friday. Again - very sorry about this. Don't be discouraged - it will be worth the wait :)


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The TST TPMS discount is live and a handful of people have already used it.

And let me add that I finally added a system to my truck and RV and love it! I have an 8 sensor system and the color display. The battery life is excellent on the display and last me for a couple days driving. I may not even add a powerpoint nearby to run it- just recharge it every couple of nights in the RV.

My truck and RV are on the shorter side and I haven't needed to install the included repeater. Love the peace of mind having this thing running while we run down the road.


Yes! I ordered a new system yesterday for the F450 and the Oakmont. It does work.

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That is a pretty good discount. I started with a TST system back in 2011 when we began FTing in our first fiver. I moved it to a new tag axle DP and added sensors. As the years went by I upgraded to the newer color stand-alone monitor and at one point used 12 sensors (DP towing 28' trailer). The TST system has worked perfectly for 11 years!

I would suggest to anyone that buying a TST system is really like purchasing your #1 piece of safety equipment.


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just update i called tst 507 looking for a new monitor for my tires today. they dont have that 20% discount any longer. just wanted to let you. know.