TST TPMS Discount for Heartland Owners Club Members

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I actually have a set I’d be willing to sell. Might need new batteries in the sensors, but it’s been in the box since we sold the BH. Have other items, as well.

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The TST program has been finalized and is now in place. The everyday HOC member discount is 20% off their website price.

See the details (and discount code) in the flyer attached to post # 1 of this thread.

Thanks for your patience. Now go get your stuff ordered :)

I just spoke with Mike Benson at TST. I'm pleased to announce that the Heartland Owners Club will be renewing our partnership with TST for 2021!

I hope to have a new flyer and discount code ready this coming week. If you are ready to place your order now, please ask for Mike Benson at TST and ask about the Heartland Owners Club promotional discount.
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