what would I be called?


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Hi :) Well, I'm a full-timer but not a traveller. We're on a permanent spot in an RV park. So we have a small yard for a little garden, a storage shed on the lot for some stuff and a freezer, etc. We don't have a rented storage space, we just got rid of anything that we didn't have room for. That was hard! but sure leaves one feeling less loaded down. I guess you could say we did it in stages - from a 3-bedroom home, to an apartment, to a 1994 30 ft fifth-wheel with a rented storage space, to the same fifth-wheel with a storage shed, now to our new 38 footer. Now that's the way to go - live in an older smaller rv to start, then when you get a bigger one it feels absolutely spacious and luxurious :D and you feel spoiled!

And why exactly am I writing all this? Feeling a little under the weather, feeling a little lonely, and feeling like I sure want this forum to take off!

Take good care! Lorna


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I would call you the envy of all us owners still tied to sticks and bricks! Can't wait for the day we move on to the next chapter.


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Now that's a good answer! if just a tad long ... "the one who everyone still tied to sticks and bricks envies" maybe OWESTSBE - no, still kinda long :)

We were very fortunate to find this lovely RV park close to where my hubby was starting his new job 2 years ago. And to find a small older fifth wheel that we could afford, to start us off. We couldn't be more pleased with the way it's all worked out for us. Apartment living just wasn't our cup of tea!

Thanks for keeping me company.


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Hi Lorna,

Thank you for your posts. I'd call you a positive asset to the Heartland Owners community! This new forum for the Ladies will take off because of ladies like you.




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I'm jealous too! Camping and gardening at the same time? That's great! What do you have in your garden and how's it doing? I planted a ton of flowers (lilies, dahlias, chinese lantern, some others that just looked interesting) at our seasonal site this year, but I haven't made it up there in a couple weeks and we've had NO rain! I'm dreading seeing my poor shriveled flowers this weekend. I'm hoping a friendly neighbor took pity on them and watered a little...! My sister-in-law gave me a cute "Beer Garden" sign (hubby's family is German) with fake flowers and a beer can on it - I have a feeling that will be the ONLY thing still "blooming" in my flower garden! I hope you're feeling better and a little less lonely Lorna. :)