What's your fulltiming budget?


Just curious as we prepare for fulltiming in the spring...

What do fulltimers live on out there?

Whats the average monthly or annual costs?

Just wondering what people are roughly averaging out there these days.

Sean and Sheila


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Well we do it for less than $2800 a month, but that is including the payments for the Landmark, the F-450, my wife's student loans. If you just want the camping costs we have:

375 per month campground fee
30-40 per month electric cost
55 per month cable bill
50 per month propane
150 per month insurance (2 cars and the trailer)
400-800 per month for food and household supplies

it is a lot easier now that we sold the S&B and don't have the mortgage anymore.


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We looked at doing it and after a year,determined that that cost of depreciation must also be added as a house appreciates,a rv depreciates,drug,medical insurance,telephone,internet,wifi charges,are all higher on the road,fuel costs,as we don't sit very much and like to see the country.We decided there was not enough advantage or bang for us to live in a small rv house full time,so we just camp where ever for several months of the year and keep the big house.To answer the question our budget would have been between 3 and 4 thousand a month.That figure is the same as we came up with after talking to many many fulltimers and friends.What ever rows your boat.


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I don't fulltime, but to me it's a life style a lot of people enjoy. I doubt most do it to save money....JMHO


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You say you are preparing to fulltime. Fulltiming budgets vary as much as tastes in RVs. I believe whole-heartedly the Cyclone is the #1 5er on the planet, but even some of our fellow forum members on here think we're the black-sheep child of the family! :D See my point? :)

Will you be working a job and fulltiming, like the situation I am in or several other forum members? I have a very fulltime (overtime! - 90 hours/week!!) job and park the Cyclone somewhere near the projects I work on. I am trying to sell my house in OKC to be free of the mortgage payment, since we seldom go back. It's costing us @ $20,000 a year for mortgage, utilities, upkeep and maintenance. As is noted under my username, I am 'Unbelievably Blessed' and am currently making excellent money. In addition to the costs associated with the OKC house, we tithe and donate/give a BUNCH away regularly, stash some away in savings, pay for 2 daughters in college, one is on our cell phone account, DW & I both have air cards @ $60/mo + taxes/fees, DirecTv satellite, OnStar, RV payment (all others are paid for), insurance for the RV, motorcycle, truck and 3 cars, periodic doctor's and vet appointments, currently $350/mo to park the RV and @$250/mo in student loans. The more hours I work, the more money I have to spend/save. I spend, save or donate thousands each month. But I don't have the luxury of staying north in the summer and south in the winter. I gotta go where the job is! I spent last winter in the 30-40 below temps of windy Wyoming. Currently in northeast Nebraska - (hoping to be out of here by Christmas!) :confused: Looking forward to taking a couple of months off before doing it again.

Will you be retired and workcamping? Lots of folks do travel like this. Earn RV parking rental and/or cash in return for services rendered around the campground.

Will you be retired and living on retirement income? No extra income earning while traveling.

The monthly budgets will be different for all these types of fulltiming. No way I could Workcamp or retire and keep up the budget I am on now. I'd cut out a lot the extras and tighten things up a bit - and probably wouldn't spend winters buying propane and camping in the north! :D


Semi-retired fulltimers

Appreciate the insites...

We will be on a somewhat fixed income. We have some savings...not millions : ) Enough to get us down the road for a short time. I own my business (15 years) and can support with very small part-time income on the road as long as I have internet connections.

We have been planning for almost 5 years. Selling the house this spring, with daughter off to college.

Not looking to save money, just curious what the cost "reality" is out there these days. We are fairly frugal, and just want to travel a bit and enjoy the outdoors. Married 25 years and have traveled forever. This is a natural progression for us....


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Cool...sounds like you'd make an excellent candidate for some workcamping jobs. Hopefully some others can give you some pointers on that. In addition, GOOGLE 'workcamping' and you're sure to find a lot of info in doing as you describe. Have fun! :)