Where's all my water going?!


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Last few trips where we were dry camping, seemed to be going through water really fast. Last trip I finally noticed a stream following us down the road, would make "splashes" at times, not just a steady stream.
Unbolted much of the coroplast so I could see up by the tanks. On our Cyclone, that is just above and also just in front of the forward most axle. Two tanks, presuming 50 gallons each since we are rated at 100 gallons.
With the coroplast down enough to see up in there, started filling and the problem was very obvious. The hose that connects the two tanks had split. Cheaper 1.25" thin plastic with the single spiral wire for structural support. Soon as the first tank would fill enough to start flowing to the second tank, it would start leaking. Guessing that it had been a small leak and finally progress to what was now a very big leak.
New hose installed and no leaks so far. Not sure what caused it other than age (12 years old) and deterioration. Nothing there to cut or rub on it and neither tank "move" to really flex that line.
Used a radiator hose we had on hand. Also picked up a regular water transfer reinforced hose from Lowes (plumbing section, but up high where nobody could see it), so I have a spare if the rubber hose fails.

Was also a good time to put new supports on the coroplast retaining screws as many had pulled through and the underbelly was slowly preparing to depart ways on a future big windy expressway trip (probably in the dark and rain too).

Hope this info helps somebody else. Seems all of these have some goofball failures over time from the less-than-robust materials uses on certain points.


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Thing about vinyl, especially thin, flexible vinyl is that it loses it’s flexibility with age. Even becomes sticky.

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