Window Latch Repair for Sliding Windows


I searched for information on how to repair the broken plastic window latch on the vertical sliding windows on my Bighorn. These are located on the slides so that they don’t extend outward and possibly break when the slides are retracted. The plastic pin that inserts into the plastic window track broke. The window track is also the guide for the glass itself. I searched multiple forums about how to repair and also contacted Lippert to no avail, so I thought I would post what I ended up doing to replace. I also noticed that several on the forum had posted in the past asking for help.

I was able to order the part from Lippert. It Lippert part number is 235039 but the listing has no picture. I found the same part at two other sites with pictures using part number RM08407 which happens to be a number Lippert also uses.

I took a Demel type bit and reamed out the channel grooves in the aluminum handle so that the window latch could be slid to the center of the handle and removed. This aluminum handle is attached to the glass itself and is used to open the window.

After removing the single screw on the latch itself it is easy to slide the part to the middle of the aluminum handle. With the raised track grinded flat the latch pops out.

The latch does not come with the required spring so I removed it from the broken old latch and inserted it into the new one. I then inserted the new latch and slid it to the end of the aluminum handle. It needs to go all the way to the end so that the retaining screw creates tension on the latch.

We painted the handle black where the Dremel had removed the paint.

By the way, I first removed the plastic grooved track on both sides of the glass hoping that the window itself could be removed. Even with both tracks removed there was not enough clearance to take out the sliding window glass. Given that this plastic part would seem to be prone to fail I am sure that there is a better way of replacing the latch, I just could not find how.


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BigFry, thanks for the tutorial on the window latch replacement.
I have the same problem with a broken latch on my 2019 Bighorn.
Thanks also for the part number.
I will follow your lead.
Thanks for sharing.