Wineguard Air360 issues


Hello all! I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 2020 Fuel 352 toy hauler. Which so far we like. The one issue I have had is with the antenna. It just straight up sucks. Other than when we did our walk through I have never really got a good signal. And yes I have know mileage can be a issue. But last time we camped we were close to a bigger city in Oklahoma. Our friends that did not have the Wineguard and just a regular antenna had 25 clear channels. So have other people had issues? And did you resolve them with fixing the Wineguard or replacing with another antenna? Thank you guys so much for your time!! And I realized it is a Wineguard Connect 2.0 not a Air 360
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At one time we were having issues with our OTA TV channels. Started checking and the little green light for the antenna was turned off. The wife had bumped it when she was cleaning and did not notice it.
Plus being new make sure all connections are good and tight